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English schools, serving international students with potential

Arlington Potential Ltd is an English-registered Company that has formal relationships with several leading schools in England. It focuses on attracting top quality international students worldwide to study in these schools, leverage the superb teaching standards and work for the opportunity to enter one of the many leading universities based in England.

It is a win-win strategy for both the schools and the students. Take China as an example: many Chinese students achieve excellent results, particularly in the sciences and mathematics. However within China there are insufficient places for the large numbers of qualified students, and the chance of entering a top Chinese university is therefore small.

If these students come to study in England in the years before university entrance, follow the local education system after receiving a strong basic education in China, entering leading global universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, London or Edinburgh is not just a dream, but a real possibility. During these critical pre-university years we are ready to help, supporting the family back home and offering a local guardianship role as required. We are flexible.

Consider one school (a partner in Oxfordshire) as example: in year 2015 and 2016, there were 17 Chinese students graduated from this school. Among them, 2 students entered Cambridge Uni; 3 Imperial College; 4 London University; 2 University of Manchester; 1 University of Bristol; 1 University of Bath; 1 University of the Arts London; 1 University of Durham; 1 Courtauld Institute of Art; 1 University of Westminster.

In addition to placing high performing students into excellent English schools, Arlington Potential can provide advice regarding choice of universities, course selection and even career decisions. Guidance regarding access to professional associations, legal services and social integration is available from our experienced team.

GCSE Students


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A-Level Students

A-Level Study

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University Students

University Entry

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How Placement Works

Five Stages to Success

Stage One

English Countryside


  • English language & mathematics tests provided
  • Discuss results - decision to proceed
  • Consideration of potential school / university options
  • Discuss English way-of-life & likely costs

Stage Two

School Assessment

  • Varies from school to school
  • Arrangements coordinated by Arlington Potential between family and school
  • Preparation for and support during entry tests
  • Communication of results & next steps
English Countryside

Stage Three

English Countryside

Whole Family Support

  • After offer and acceptance of place
  • Completion of school application and student visa process visa process with support from Arlington Potential
  • Support and local facilitation of travel arrangements

Stage Four

Arrival in the UK

  • Collection from airport & accompaniment to school
  • Confirmation of local arrangements with school and
    host residences
  • Immediate help with banking and phone set-ups
  • Regular pre-arranged follow-up contact & family feedback
English Countryside

Stage Five

English Countryside

Ongoing Family Support

  • Ongoing regular meetings with student
  • Meetings with school on behalf of parents
  • Arrangements for family visits
  • Local source of advice

Student Journeys

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Our Schools

Schools we like

In choosing partner schools, we consider the past reputation of the organisation but place emphasis on several other dimensions:

  • Recent academic results and evidence of continuing improvement
  • Calibre of academic staff, and evidence of a consistent culture of excellence, led from the top
  • School culture - preferably friendly, not too formal, but challenging and with high expectations
  • Customer feedback - comments from former students and their families, where available
  • Next stage development of students - specifically university entry results
  • Physical facilities, scale and class sizes
  • Content of Government inspection reports, if recent

We prefer partner schools that provide a holistic educational experience that stretches the student both academically but also as young adults. Students should be helped to develop and become passionate about their interests, and grow to achieve levels of performance beyond their own expectations. In parallel with A-level study, students may undertake complementary projects that also facilitate personal development. Independent research, rigorous analysis and checking of results, and an ability to think flexibly and reach reasonable conclusions, are traits that are commonly encouraged. Discussion, debate, listening skills and respect for the opinions of others, are essential tools.

We believe in encouraging students and their families, with help from the school, to start early in pondering the life choices they may wish to make, and consider the rich array of options that can be open to a well educated and well qualified young person. While it may sometimes seem too soon to think about university education, aligning A-level subjects with longer-term ambitions is essential and should be discussed with the school as early as possible. We are happy to support this process as part of a continuing guardianship role. Outcomes could include entry into a top university, such as Cambridge, Edinburgh, London, Durham or Oxford, and subsequent access to a chosen profession.

School One

School One

October 2013 ISI report: "In the course of their time in the school, students grow into articulate, probing, caring and courteous individuals who are equally able to express their views cogently and to listen well to others. Their maturity and sense of responsibility is a tribute to the success of the school’s ethos."

School Two

School Two

February 2017 ISI report: "....quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements is excellent and that pupils are highly articulate, mature and responsive young people who exhibit extremely positive attitudes towards their learning. .....pupils also contribute very positively to the both the school and the wider community."

Other Schools

Our Other Schools

All our schools are regulated by a Government agency (ISI): "The Independent Schools Inspectorate ( ISI ) is the body approved by the Secretary of State for the purpose of inspecting schools belonging to the Independent Schools Council ( ISC ) Associations and reporting on compliance with the Education Regulations 2010."

The Arlington Team

A small and highly committed team with extensive experience of the English education system

Wendy Morrison

Wendy Morrison MBA

Senior Partner

+44 (0)7900 662712

Dr David Morrison

Dr David Morrison

Managing Partner

Jason Lu

Associate Partner (China)

+86 15001 861578
+86 13001 653750

Eason Chen

Genereal Manager, Nanjing

+86 13952 097606

Feel free to contact us at any time. We are dedicated to providing our students with the very finest English education and part of that is making sure that we completely understand your requirements.

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